Jun. 4th, 2006

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We were driving along Roosevelt Road, intent on shopping for cat food, when we saw an octopus in the sky. Naturally we abandoned our earlier plans, and turned off onto the side road hoping to find out why. Eventually we found ourselves in a park, where we saw that the octopus was surrounded by dogs and sharks and colorful geometric figures, likewise aloft. What we'd found was a kite-flying demonstration, with something well beyond the diamond-shaped thing I could never get off the ground when I was a kid.

I was very sad not to have a camera with me. Fortunately, the internet will provide. Except that the one we saw was rather more eldritch-colored--and rather more complex. Lower down on the line, where we hadn't been able to see it from Roosevelt, a 50-foot pirahna was fleeing the octopus, along with a 3-foot baby pirahna. A half-moon (the real one, not a kite) was just rising in the sky behind it. When an octopus flies across the moon, you know you've had a good day.
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The first thing I should say is that we haven't been to Wiscon before, and it's one of the best cons I've ever been to. I felt very comfortable very quickly, in part because the demographics are much closer to Northampton than what I've gotten used to. The con was probably about 75% female, 20% male, and 5% other. As I think I mentioned to a couple of other people, female-only space feels a little weird to me, but majority-female space can be kind of cool. It also seemed easier to meet and talk to people that we didn't already know than at many cons.

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After the convention I took a deep breath, crossed my fingers, and sent queries for Book 1 out into the world. They should be wending their way to the slush piles of desirable agents even as I type.


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