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Balticon schedule

I'll be at Balticon over Memorial Day Weekend. Here's my schedule:

Contemporary Near-Future SF That's Not Dystopian - Saturday 10AM
     Ray Ridenor (moderator), Sarah Pinsker, Ruthanna Emrys

Current trends in speculative fiction show a preponderance of dystopian futures. Let’s look at the stories that don't fall into that mold.

Readings - Saturday 9PM
     Michael M. Jones, Ruthanna Emrys, Jean Marie Ward

How to Use Speculative Fiction to Change the World - Monday 10AM
     D.H. Aire (moderator), Ruthanna Emrys, Ted Weber, Ada Palmer

With the unique ability to image the world as it isn't (but could be), it's no surprise that science fiction and fantasy works have long been associated with movements for change. But how do we go from idea to action? And how can portrayal of a future to avoid be just as rousing as one we'd like to build?

Who else is going to be there?

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This is distinctly different from the preferred phrase: "I will be at Wiscon."

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