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 1. Something interesting that you learned this week

DC's rivers may be swimmable in the next few years, helped along by the sorts of citizen monitoring that play a prominent role in my work-in-progress.

2. Something you did or accomplished this week

Finally outlined my way through a plot knot. Got kids through their first week of school. Cleaned the porch in preparation for 1) the likely hurricane later this week, and 2) our town's festival of mini concerts-on-porches that will hopefully not be forestalled by the hurricane.

3. An interesting piece of media / link / song / etc that you discovered or enjoyed this week

I've been listening to A Jumpin' Night in the Garden of Eden, which played regularly in my house when I was growing up and is still one of my favorite Klesmer albums.

Also in music that I've loved since I was old enough to recognize individual songs, last Saturday was my new synagogue's Labor on the Bimah service, which closed out with a rousing rendition of "Union Maid" which absolutely nobody actually needed the lyric sheet for. We've now been to this temple a couple of times and it seems like a really good fit--not only a big emphasis on tikkun olum and social action, but the tunes and prayers are close enough to what I had growing up to "feel right." And unlike our last congregation, this one is actually kid-friendly in practice as well as theory. (How on earth did I find a non-kid-friendly synagogue, you ask. It was the QUILTBAG synagogue in Dupont Circle, a wonderful congregation that's about 90% older gay couples who got together long before adoption was legal. Which is totally reasonable, but also somewhat daunting with my rambunctious toddlers as the only kids in the room, even if the rabbi assures me they're welcome.)

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