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Driving into work, and actually seeing blue in the sky. Rain is nice, but I was getting tired of it, and wet... When I first got to Chicago, and mentioned missing the mountains, one of my colleagues said that you could see the skyline a little bit the same way--something that gives you a sense of distance and boundary, a reference point that you can relate to as you move around. And it is. Not the same as mountains, but beautiful in its own way. And there are two good radio stations that I can switch back and forth between, that play 60s-80s, while I drive in, and I can see the skyline come up over the horizon and know I'll be there soon. On the surface I'm listening to the music, and thinking about not much, but below that I can feel the soil turn over and the next part of a story begin to take root and stretch toward the surface, and it's not ready yet, but I think by the weekend it might be ready to harvest.

Finally getting around to spending part of a gift certificate from the wedding, for my favorite food place in the world. Zingerman's calls itself a New York style deli (it's in Ann Arbor), but what they actually do is send their people around the world to find the best everything, except when they make it themselves. I called them up, and started off with "I have two stupid questions to which the answer is no." (Both about chocolate things that I'd seen in their storefront but that weren't in the catalog, one of which was explicitly no longer possible to import into this country). They found me both of them, and then I ordered the things I knew they had, including a couple of Italian cheeses. So when I eat those, I can think about our honeymoon, and about walking around Lake Como after dinner and watching fireworks, hearing them echo off the mountains that dip their roots into the lake, and about the smell of warm mountain air and old stone in the morning. Nameseeker said the stones knew they were part of a castle, knew their age and their purpose...

Cynthiarose sent me a link to JMS talking about his plans for Star Trek. He wants the next series very badly, and might have a chance of getting it. "...allowed to go as far as it could, telling the same kind of challenging stories Trek was always known for, it could blow the doors off science fiction television. Think of it for a moment, a series with a forty year solid name, guaranteed markets...can you think of a better time when you take chances and can tell daring, imaginative, challenging stories? Why play it safe?" It'll probably need some sort of letter-writing campaign, but he's already written up a five-year plan for a series. Insert fangirl squee here.

Being at work, and looking at my tasks for the day and seeing that they mostly consist of reading and writing about things that actually interest me. And I got to lecture about Skinner twice this week. Life has its frustrations (many of them)--but I don't feel like writing about them this afternoon. For the moment, my blessings are sufficient to justify the good mood.


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