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Catching up on these...

Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Dan Kahneman )

Tam Lin by Pamela Dean )

Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale )

Merchants of Doubt, by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway )

Other Media Consumed:

Doctor Who Season 6 )

Total Books: 4
Recent Publication: 1/4
Rereads: 1/4
Recommendations: I don't think any of these were specifically recommended by anyone--although I certainly did a lot of recommending of the Kahneman afterwards.
New Music: none
New Media Produced:  I don't, at this point, specifically remember what I wrote in January, so I'll just save this for when I catch up. 

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On the national mall.  Surprisingly, we also got some work done.
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The fellows had a "data blitz" tonight.  Twenty-two of us (presumably those with more dubious judgment than the other 130) gave Powerpoint presentations on the research we did before the fellowship--in 90 seconds each, with cowbells and audience mocking if we went over time.  This is a sufficiently limiting format all by itself, but...

S and I had an argument a few weeks ago about whether rhyme or alliteration was a better mnemonic technique.  S opined that either was preferable to the usual presentation format at scientific conferences...

So, Experiment 1 from my masters thesis:

Some say that memory is pure and clear:
If photographic, photoshop’s to blame;
Beliefs and distant outcomes we hold dear
Can quickly shift a face, a fact, a name.

Two psychics split predictions, ill and good:
One knows the future eight times out of ten;
One errs more oft than guessing ever could;
We ask the readers who said what and then

Using ANOVAs we compare recall
Of trusted sources saying things desired
And saying what we hate to think at all
And thus we see the way the mind is wired:

What’s wished for trumps the truth, often with ease;
The mind holds back much trouble the eye sees.

And yes, it went over well.  In a room full of biologists and chemists.  One of whom invited me to a Shakespeare reading party.  Have I mentioned that I love my colleagues?

I'm never going to look at Enrique Borgos's seduction attempts in A Civil Campaign quite the same way again.

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In and around trips to S's family in Michigan, my family on Cape Cod, and [ profile] papersky and [ profile] rysmiel for New Year's in Montreal.

All the Dan Ariely you can shake a stick at )

I'm now in the middle of Kahneman's recent book on the same topic.  In addition to being deeper and more intelligently written, Kahneman isn't trying to boost his own ego.  It's refreshing, and I'd recommend it over the Ariely easily if you're interested in the topic.

Somewhere Beneath Those Waves, by Sarah Monette )

Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer.  Reviewed elsewhere.

Brokedown Palace, by Steve Brust )

Reality is Broken, by Jane McGonigal )

Other Media Consumed:

Hadestown )

Plus the usual assortment of podcasts.

Total Books: 6
Recent Publication: 3/6
Rereads: 0/6
Recommendations: The Arielys were for work, but recommended only in the sense that we decided to do a book club on them, pre facto, and technically that was my idea.  Going to be an interesting discussion tomorrow; I'm not the only one who found them annoying. [ profile] papersky reviewed Brokedown Palace some time ago. [ profile] robling_t is, um, responsible, for Twilight. Hadestown was recommended on the SF Squeecast.
New Music: 1 album
New Media Produced:Some Aphra Marsh, some Highways and Labyrinths


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