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I had to watch the new Star Trek movie for work today--yes, I actually do consider this a "had to," as I'd been deliberately avoiding it.  Mobius is putting together a workshop on science in the movies, using a scene from this one, and I needed some context before critiquing the entirely superfluous giant planet-core-drilling-laser.

For my own amusement, I took notes:

Cut for slightly cryptic spoilers... )
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This is the best Aliens fanfic ever.  Not that I read a lot of Aliens fanfic, but I feel entirely confident  in my judgment. It's an epistolary story about scientists at a bio lab trying to figure out how to kill and mount a xenomorph.  The taunting is my favorite part, although the cow comes close.

Neil Gaiman reports that that the House on the Rock is planning an anniversary party for American Gods.  At which, they say, "We are working on a way to allow a limited number of guests to ride the carousel."  I strongly suspect that "way" will involve more money than I have to spend, but want.

And on a different note, I have sold a short story to Timelines: Stories Inspired by H. G. Wells' The Time Machine.  ([ profile] page_of_swords , this is the story in which I used your expert advice before you gave it to me.  It could only be more appropriate to the topic if I'd managed to publish it before writing it.)


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